Turf Supplies at Vasey Road Waikerie in the Riverland of South Australia are growers and suppliers of quality natural Turf.
You can pickup from our Farm or, we  deliver anywhere.
Our Turf is High Quality, drought tolerant and easy care. The varieties have been recently bred to be best value for money.
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Why Choose natural Turf?

What are the benefits of natural grass?

According to scientists, our climate is changing rapidly and this has major consequences for flora
and fauna – and for human health in particular. Air pollution is everywhere. To help reduce
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, world conferences are regularly organised to encourage
countries to stop this fatal process.
In this framework, natural grass can be a great help. Unfortunately, not many people are aware
of this fact and have overlooked the positive contribution of oxygen production and carbon
dioxide fixation natural grass brings. People are understandably more concerned about the loss
of one hectare of rain forest than one hectare of grass. Although both are very important, it is an
interesting fact that the annual oxygen production and carbon dioxide fixation from one hectare
of grass exceeds that of one hectare of forest!

(from http://www.dlfis.com/upload/esa_06.0041.1.pdf )